Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of August 21

Rejoice with us and pray with us.
We delight in having Linda back with us today, me especially!  She is also making good progress on getting the photos ready to share that she was given from the church.  Ruth says her sister thanks us for our prayers.  She is doing well.  Anita is excited to get to spend time with her son later today.  Dede also enjoyed time with family and that they are talking about getting in church.  John is happy to have new shoes.
Edith is still undergoing tests to see what is wrong and has learned she may have thyroid problems.  Priscilla fell last week and hurt her knee.  It’s not broken but has to be kept straight.  She will have an MRI next week.  Cathy prays for a classmate Steve in the hospital.  She also asks prayer for Gregg, facing cancer related issues.  Keep praying for Kelly.  Ruth asks prayer for Ron, Ana’s husband’s friend, who has been hospitalized in Garland.  Brenda prays for Charles, a baby suffering from spinal meningitis.   Debra is still having migraines.  Anita asks prayer for her aunt Margaret who is due to have cataract surgery next month.  Keep praying for Dede’s eyes.  Rita is also having cataract surgery this week.  IKeep praying for Shelly and Clarke.  
Be an answer to prayer this week!

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