Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday service of January 15

Rejoice with us and pray with us.
Tim is thankful to be here and getting better.  Rachel is glad that School started.  Kim thanks the Lord that she has had peace in spite of her health challenges.  Lupe is thankful that Brenda brought her materials for a new project to make blankets for babies at the hospital.  We rejoice that she has found a way to serve.  Pastor David enjoyed peaceful family time at a birthday party yesterday.  Anita thanks the Lord for a car.  Didi is thankful for a new stove and refrigerator.  Priscilla is thankful to have gotten through another week.  She is missing her parents.  Edith’s brother is home from surgery recovering.  She is thankful to have her car back after her accident last month.  Cindy is thankful that their home was undamage by a fire next door.  Pray for those affected.  She is thankful home renovations are going well.  Glen is thankful for the Lord’s presence and help as he suffers with health challenges.  Pray for his recovery.  Brenda enjoyed getting to see her grandchildren.
Keep praying for Kelly and for Shelly.  Pray for Kim’s healing.  Lupe wants us to keep praying for her granddaughter’s family situation.  Rita is still in quarantine.  Annette is in ICU.  Pray for Kay as well.   Anita asks prayer for her aunt having stomach problems and for herself.  Pray for the Terrell family as they raise the children.  Brenda asks prayer for a coworker Emily who is in surgery.  She also prays for a friend of her daughter named Nicki suffering complications from an undetected stroke.  Cindy prays for healing and wisdom for her daughter Michelle.
Let God answer prayer through you this week!

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