Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of July 14

Cathy had some complication during surgery but everything is ok and she is recovering well.  Linda is thankful that we made it here with everything prepared after the power went out this morning.  Lupe is thankful that plumbing problems at her house were worked out.K  eep praying for the little one that Ruth knows who is undergoing chemotherapy.  She says he’s improving.  Dede is thinkful that she is here and has been doing well the past week.

Keep praying for Priscilla’s dad and the rest of the family.  He is able to speak with them now but wants to be with Jesus.Brenda’s shoulder is still hurting her.  Dede has also been having trouble with her shoulder since being backed into by a truck.  She is thankful for the air conditioner and refrigerator that she received.  Kelly has lost her home again.  Lupe is looking for a new doctor after hers had a stroke and had to retire.


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