Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of June 5

We thank God for what He has done already.  Rejoice with us and pray with us over these requests.
John and Richard are just delighted to be here. Kelly says she’s taking more steps.  Mary Ellen got to go home last week.  Anita thanks the Lord that her aunt is better and gets to come home tomorrow.  Didi is thankful for the Lord’s sustaining power.
Pray for the friends and family of (another) Kelly Kilgore who passed away last week.  Keep praying for Craig’s brother.  The doctors have done all they can.  Craig is looking for the right internship.  Richard A is going to have knee replacement surgery.  The treatments that Don is getting don’t seem to be helping.  He goes back to the doctor this week.  He prays for wisdom in big decisions that need to be made.  Keep praying for Kimmi.  She may come home tomorrow.  Keep praying for Edith.  She hopes to be back next week.  Pray for Clark and Shelly.  Clark may need surgery.  Cindy prays for the welfare of their family, especially the grandchildren.  Priscilla asks prayer for her sister Jo staying with her father.  She prays for her parents to make wise decisions as they cope with their health issues.  Priscilla prays for her grandchildren Max and Tyler to make good choices.
Let God use you to answer prayer this week!

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