Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday service of March 15

Cindy got to see her sister.  April says they have found out what is wrong with her great aunt so they can help her get better.  Kelly says she can move her leg better.  Ruth thanks the Lord that she has a good eye and can make short drives.  Jana is thankful that her eyes are better after her surgery.  Cathy thanks the Lord that Stoney her classmate is better.  She says Martin, Ruth’s meighbor, is also getting better.  Pam got to spend time with Sandy.  Cathy is also very thankful for help stocking the food pantry this weekend.  Didi thanks God for His care for her.

Edith asks prayer for a difficult situation that she will be in shortly.  Pam prays for resolution of the mechanical problems that caused Chris to have a wreck yesterday.  No one was hurt.  Priscilla asks prayer for her father whose health continues to fail.  He doe not feel he has much longer.  Pray for April’s family situation.  Lupe is very sick with a virus.  Didi asks prayer for her friend Alvaun who had a heart attack.  Karen from the home is sick.  Clark is at the hospital with trouble with his shoulder.

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