Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of November 2

We are thankful for the change in weather. Linda thanks the Lord for confirming part of our mission via a church visit this morning. Ruth says her vision is improving. Cindy is thankfu that changes were made to her home so that all of the family has a place to sleep. Brenda says she met someone who may be interested in visiting our church. Priscilla is thankful for God meeting her needs after responding in obedience.

Dede is home today with a soar throat. Pray for a place for her cousin and his family to stay. Shelly is home sick today as well. Keep praying for Kelly. Tim asks prayer for a family friend who has fallen away. Jerry asks prayer for Ms. Belcher, a woman where he lives who always asks that we pray for her when he comes to church. Brenda asks prayer for someone she met named Deborah who fell and hurt her face. Jana prays for her friend Sandra who is seriously ill. Priscilla asks that we pray for a family who was in serious accident last night. A man named arron and his little girl were injured. Pray for Fances’s family. Pray for ou nation. Pray for the situation down in Houston. The subpoenas have been withdrawn but the battle for truth and morality is not over there.

Be an answer to prayer this week.

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