Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of September 1

Don says the man we were praying for last week with carbon monoxide poisoning is out of the hospital and doing better.  Ruth is thankful that she’s ok after falling at her home on Wednesday.  Pam is thankful for a nice time at a birthday party and that God has given her a heart for others.  We’re delighted to have Mary with us today.  Brenda got an answer on her shoulder.

Lupe couldn’t come today because of illness.  Pray for Richard’s father (of Richard and Barbara) who has fallen and broken his arm and has an infection.  Mickie prays for Carla who used to live at the home where she stays and her friend Dave.  Dede is having trouble with her shoulder after being hit by the truck.  Pray for little Isabela, new baby sister of the kids Priscilla keeps, who was born prematurely and faces complications.  Pray for rain.  Pray for our country and our leaders.

Praise and prayer requests came flying fast today and I missed a few.  Pray for each other this week.  Don’t forget to come early for Homecoming.  be blessed.


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