Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of September 15

Pam is thankful for the Lord’s daily blessings and that she got her teeth fixed.  Dede is thankful to be here and feeling well.  Linda is thankful for the nice time we had at a wedding reception last night.

Mary is not doing well.  She is not able to get enough oxygen.  Ruth is out of town to do a fund raiser for Kingston and while there she was admitted to the hospital with chest pains.  Cathy has gone to see her.  Edith’s son Stephen will go for surgery tomorrow with concerns about cancer.  Cathy said that benny is not feeling well and not getting out of bed.  Mickie prays for Carla’s friend Dave to find a job.  Jana prays for her friend Alicen who just had surgery for breast cancer.  Pray for a coworker of mine, Carolyn, who went in yesterday for a kidney transplant.  Pam asks prayr for a friend Kay Nobles.  Dede is having trouble with her shoulder.  Priscilla is thankful for time spent with her father and asks prayer for Kim.  She is having trouble with her back and could not be here today.


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