Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of September 23

Linda and I rejoice that we got to  meet Charles at the rehab center today.  We got to share the Gospel with him.  Pray that he chooses Jesus before it is too late for him.  Teresa is just blessed to be awake today and here with us.  John feels the same way.  Pam is thankful that she got to talk to her mom to wish her a happy birthday.  Keep praying for their relationship.  Brenda is thankful that Don is ok after a rock hit him in the eye while mowing the church lawn.  Pray for quick healing.

Ruth asks prayer for Lana, her cousin’s daughter-in-law, for a quick recovery from sickness and is thankful that they removed a growth with no complications.  Brenda asked that we keep praying for Don’s kidney trouble.  Remember to pray for Chuck and Sarah.  Proscilla asks that we pray for Alicia, daughter of Pastor David’s friend who passed away.  She has made some bad choices but Priscilla prayed with her and she accepted Jesus.  Pray for her welfare and that she find a home.  Priscilla has not been able to get in touch with her.  Priscilla also asks that we pray for her friend pam who is having a lot of problems.  debra is in need of a CPAP machine and is having trouble with medical insurance.  Pam needs a new walker.  Pastor David says that Kay asked us to pray for Richard as he is leaving us for North Carolina.  Pray for Kim’s health.

Be the answer to someone’s prayer this week.


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