Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of September 27

Here are this week’s praise and prayer requests.
Pastor david is doing better and expects to be back with us next week.  Priscilla rejoices in getting to spend time with her family and for positive changes in her parents’ circumstances.  We’re delighted to have a guest with us who may be able to help us get the word out about the church.
Lisa asks us to pray for Jane.  Debra asks prayer for her mom who will need surgery on her back.  Her name is Karen.  Brenda asks prayer for a neighbor who just got out of the hospital and has had another stroke.Her name is Nora.  Cathy asks prayer for Vira, her mother-in-law who has become ill.  Priscilla asks prayer for Kim.  She is having trouble with her foot and has to wear a special boot.  Brenda is having trouble with allergies and other health concerns.  Anita says her aunt is better.  She asks prayer as she has a doctor appointment this week for an x-ray due to an injury.  Didi asks prayer for her eyes.  Pray for her neighbor and her living situation.  Brenda says that Richard Boles is suffering from health problems and having trouble getting to treatment.  Keep praying for Kay as well.  Pam asks prayer for financial provision and wisdom. 
Be blessed to be a blessing this week!

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