Praise and Prayer Requests foor Sunday Service of September 17

Rejoice with us and pray with us.
Ruth praises the Lord to be here and we are also rejoicing.  We’re glad to have Michael and Debra back today!  Chris enjoyed getting to see family.  Kim praises the Lord that she was able to get an appointment for a second opinion on her leg.  She enjoyed going to a wedding last week.  Debra is thankful for progress toward getting control of her pain.  Pam is thankful that she didn’t lose her purse.  Anita is thankful to be feeling better after a br breathing scare today.  Didi thanks the Lord for safety after discovering her door open all night.  We’re praising the Lord for a wonderful homecoming service last week.
Pray for Linda.  Kim asks prayer for her friend Kathleen having problems in her marriage.  Anita asks prayer for her aunt who is not doing well.  Pray for Cathy’s brother Gary as he goes for surgery this week.  Pray for Clarke’s health.  Pray for Shelly and Kelly.  Pray for Jacob, Jay Gobson’s son, who is experiencing more ceisures.  Pray for Didi.  Pray for Debra’s Mom who needs to do a lot of driving this month and that gives her back trouble.  Her name is Karen.  I missed a request from Didi.  Pray for Pam as she deals with medical problems.  Lisa asks that we pray for Jane.  Pam related a prayer request for Sandy B. Who is having problems with her balance.  Mrs. Fox prays for her medical needs to be provided.
Thanks the Lord for all He as done and be an answer to prayer this week.

Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of September 10

Rejoice with us and pray with us.
Ryan thanks the Lord for a new house.  Sara is thankful that she and her husband were abel to get certified as credit counselors.  Pam rejoices that she is getting closer to new shoes.  Cindy rejoices in good things for her family.  Brenda likes her new bus route.
Ruth is back in the hospital after having more chest pains.  Christopher, a new visitor asks us to pray for our veterans.  We need to pray for him as well.  Richard and Barbara are still looking for a new home.  Edith is having trouble sleeping.  Pray for all of those affected by the storms.  Pray for Nick’s family, Sarah’s husband, as they have lost someone and the funeral is today.  Pam asks prayer for her friend Michelle who needs a job and place to live.  Pray also for those experiencing fires in the west and the earthquake in Central America.  Keep praying for Clarke.  He is back with us today.  Keep praying for Didi to find better living arrangements and for her eyes.  Anita prays to get stronger and walk more.  Anna asks prayer for daughter who needs to make a decision regarding employment.
Be blessed to be a blessing this week!

Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of September 3

Rejoice with us and pray with us.
Kim has to visit another orthopedist this week because something may have been missed.  Keep praying for Kelly.  Clarke is in the hospital with pneumonia.  Lisa and Jane are out sick.  Barbara and Richard are still looking for a house.  Keep Benny’s family in your prayers after the passing of his mother.
Ruth praises God that she is feeling better and stronger.  Cathy is thankful for help from the family caring for Ruth.  We rejoice that Edith is back but keep praying for her health.  Pray for the people in south Texas.  Keep praying for Didi’s eyes.  Keep praying for Shelly. 
Thank the Lord for all that He has done and be a blessing this week.

Prayers for the Prestriedge family

Pastor David drew my attention to the fact that many may not have seen this because comments on the web site don’t post out to  Facebook.
Cathy’s mother-in-law Vera passed away on Sunday shortly after she and Ruth arrived after leaving the service.  Please keep the family in your prayers.

Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of August 27

Rejoice with us and pray with us.
Brenda is thankful that a coworker is back to work after a serious motorcycle accident.  Mary says things went well for Rachel at school and that Cindy is ok after a medical scare  last week.  Kim rejoices that she is better and free to exercise as much as she can.  Linda enjoyed getting to hear from her sister this morning.  Pray for Linda’s niece Emily who has had a concussion. Didi asks prayer for someone who is to have open heart surgery.  Priscilla rejoices that her grandchildren wanted to pray for someone in the checkout line.  Priscilla’s eyes are geting better.
Cathy and Ruth had to leave the service today because her mother-in-law is nearing her time.  Kelly has been transfered to a group home that is too far away for us to pick her up.  Pray for the people from Houston.  Some of the people from the retreat this weekend of the Texas Church Conference of the blind are not able to go home. Shelly is also down in the area in danger from flooding.  Pam says that Brenda O’s parents Rita and Ralph are also there.  Cindy also has relatives there.  Edith is out sick due to complications from medications.  She may be out for a while.  Didi asks prayer for her eyes.  Anita is having more paiin in her feet and legs today.  Pray for the Terrells as they adjust to new school schedules.  Pam sill need her shoes and has had to work with a new organization.
Be blessed to be a blessing this week.

Praise and Prayer Request from Sunday Service of August 20

Rejoice with us and pray with us.
Ruth is thankful to be here and for her family.  Cathy is also thankful for family that came to visit last week.  Kim is thankful for a reconciliation with a friend.  Brenda is thankful for the church. 
Cathy’s mother-in-law is now in hospice care.  John is still confined to his bed.  Edith was not feeling well today.  Didi is also out sick.  Keep praying for Kim’s recovery and the financial details to work out.  Barbara and Richard want to find a house.  Remember the family that Brenda asked us to pray for last week.  Pray for Phylis suffering from ALS.  Pray for Ruth’s continued recovery.  Pam wants us to pray for Chris and his mom.  Pray also for Pam’s mom and that relationship.
Thank the Lord for answered prayer and be an answer to prayer this week.  Ask Him and He will guide you.

Prayer request from Brenda

Extracted from her text:
“Shopping for houses with Barbara and Richard we met a family whose brother died last night. One sister has ALS. She seemed to get around ok but had to write notes because she could not speak. I told her we would add them to our prayer list..her name is Phyllis. Further visiting with them another sister attends 1st Baptist Dallas. We were looking in Kemp Texas, just about an hour away.. That brothers name was Mark..and he was only 57..”

Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of August 13

Rejoice with us and pray with us.

Ruth praises the lord to be here.  She’s doing much better.  Debra is back and also feeling better.  Pam got to go to Denton to see Chris’s mom.  Edith is feeling better since finding out one of her medications may be part of her problem.  Kim is starting to be able to put weight on her foot and she is here without a wheelchair.  Kelly is back with us.  Kelvin is back with us!  He and Kelly are in the same place.  Tim and Cindy got free tickets to a baseball game.  Anita stood for 5 minutes this week.  Didi is glad to be here.
Kim prays for help resolving her medical needs.  Keep praying for Kelly.  Richard prays for safety as Brenda and Barbara are traveling today.  Keep praying for Shelly.  Richard is having pain from neuropathy.
Be an answer to prayer this week.

Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of August 6

Rejoice with us and pray with us.
Ruth praises the Lord to be here and we rejoice with her.  Kim got her cast off.  She thanks the Lord for His help.  Pam rejoices in getting her new shoes.  Sindy got work finished on her house.  Rachel got into the school they wanted for her.  Anita thanks the Lord that she is getting stronger.  Teresa is thankful that she got to come.  She thanks the Lord for her brother.  Lisa is thankful for Brenda’s help.  Barbara is thankful for the Potts’ hospitality as they await repairs on their RV.  Don rejoices in a good sermon he heard this morning.  Didi is thankful for strength from the Lord.  
Cathy’s mother-in-law went into the hospital last week for infection.  She now suffers from severe dementia and needs a new place for care.  Kim asks prayer for her nephew Tyler who needs the Lord.  Brenda asks us to pray for Kay.  She has a new roommate that is creating a problem for her.  Edith goes back to the doctor tomorrow.  Pam asks us to pray for Brenda O.  She asks us to pray for her as she keeps working to get better.  Cindy asks that we keep praying for her family.  She has a kidney stone.  Cathy asks prayer for a family member John who will have cancer surgery this week.  Didi wants us to keep praying for her friend Walter in jail.  Kelly is detained at Parkland.  Pray that she will now get the care she needs.
Remember what the Lord has already done for you and be blessed to be a blessing this week.