Pray for the unknown hacker who damaged our site

We have an opportunity here  to practice what Jesus told us to do, to love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us.

from what I can tell, just after midnight on August 18, someone got into our server and managed to delete the entire contents of our media folder as well as the entries in the database that link to the files.  So even though I was able to restore the files, I have no way to restore the attachments to the galleries on our main page.  The forum is still running and you can still see them in the Gallery there.  I had not yet instituted a system for backing up the actual database, a shortcoming that I assure you will be addressed as soon as we get the current mess cleaned up if not sooner.

As far as I can tell, no other damage has been done,

I don’t understand the motivation of people who do random acts of evil, but I know who it comes from.  Pray for the deliverance and the salvation of the person or persons responsible for this.  It is likely that we weren’t singled out, but that someone found a way to exploit a coding flaw in common software and built a script to hit every site it could find.

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