Sunday February 24 2013 "Joel is back"

   I hope you are having a great week and I hope you are making plans to join us Sunday in Church at BBT.  Last week Larry brought a powerful message on, “you are what you think you are.”  I hope you understand what God thinks about you and you can accept the fact that he loves you in spite of yourself.  Priss is continuing in the book of Revelations and I love to hear how God showed John what he has in store for his people.  It seems like John really was seeing the things he saw in his dreams. I am exciting to hear what’s coming.

We will have to wait a week for more on Revelations, as this week Joel will be back to lead us in Praise and Worship.  He will also bring a message that God has given him. He always has something to share with us and it always seems to be he is talking right to me.  I love it when God uses his people to reach others.  God loves it too!!  I hope you will be in church on Sunday and invite someone with you as we raise the roof in God’s house.

We learned last week Linda is getting better and better but she is still not back to where she was.  Please keep Linda in your prayers and hopefully she will be back in church as early as this Sunday.  Call the ones that were not in church last week tell them we missed them and keep spreading the news of Jesus Christ.  I have ordered a new phone and it will be in this week and I will call you and give all of you my new number.  I miss not having a phone but it will just be a little longer.  If you need to reach me during the day you can call my office at 972-226-2010 I am at ext 310.  I cant wait to see you on Sunday and worship with my family of believers.

We love you!

Pastor David and Priss


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