Sunday June 15th "The role of a father in todays world"

We had a great time last week at BBT.  It was really good to see some of our members that had been out for a while. We really do miss you when all of our family is not there.  This week pastor Larry and Linda will be traveling to his grandmother’s home in Arkansas.  We will miss you but we are glad you are getting this chance to visit with her.  Don and Brenda will also be traveling this week, but they will be back by Sunday.  I hope all of you have a safe trip both coming and going.

This week is Fathers day and we are going to look at the role of the Father in our society and what God expects from us as Fathers.  The scripture verses this week is Matthew 7: 7-12.  Jesus talks about how we are to act as parents and how he is treats us as his children.  We have a model to work after.  When he says we are evil, he just means we make mistakes, we are not perfect. It does not mean they we do not love our children. We just sometimes mess up.  That is not the case when it comes to God. He knows exactly what we need and he teaches us how to appreciate what we have. He also loves us unconditionally, a lesson many parents need to understand better.  As we are not perfect parents out children are not perfect either.  They need us to teach them how to overcome their mistakes and show them how much we believe in them.  We can’t do that if we don’t believe that.  I hope you will be with us in church on Sunday as we honor our Father’s on this special day.

I want to thank you for are all your prayers for Kim this week. Her blood test are not in yet but it looks like she will have everything they need by Friday and hopefully they will schedule surgery for the first of next week. Lets pray this will be a quick healing process and she will get back to being Kim again.  John is going to have to miss again this week but we are hopeful that he will be able to be back on the following Sunday.   Keep doing good things and remember God has great plans for you, just make yourself available.

We love you so much,

Pastor David & Pris


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