Sunday june 23rd 2013 "Joel is back in the house"

What a great day we had in Church last week at BBT, celebrating our earthly Father’s as well as our Heavenly father. Linda brought Jim Wise as a quest last week and he shared with us all the things available to us for people with disabilities and phones.  Mr. Wise had a lot of information for us and we all very thankful he would come and share this with us.  Larry brought a message about the blessings of a Father.  It was very encouraging and uplifting!  I hope you got as much out of last Sunday as I did.

This week Joel and his group will be back with us. I am so excited and so thankful they would take time out of their busy schedule to be with us, and I know we will be blessed, as they will be also.  It has been awhile since we have seen them and I can’t wait till Sunday.  I hope you will be there and invite someone to come with you.

I hope you are praying for the prayer request that were mentioned on Sunday and if you weren’t their they are listed on our website. Please continue to pray for those that need our help and do whatever you can to meet the needs of the people you meet.  You never know what a life changing moment might take place with just a kind word or simple act of kindness.  Don’t miss an opportunity to make a difference because you are too busy or you don‘t think it matters. You matter to God, so does that person he has put in front of you.  As Larry said last week, the words you say and the curses and the blessings you speak are powerful tools to build a person up or tear them down.  Speak the blessing of God and we will see you on Sunday!

We Love you so much
Pastor David & Pris


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