Sunday March 4, 2012 " Do you know your place?"

I really did enjoy being in Church at BBT last week.  Joel brought his students to come and minister to us and his close friend Regina Rogers brought us a great message on Hope.  How many of the people we meet each day could use some of the Hope God gives.  In our study on discipleship I believe one of the great things we can do is to give that Hope to the ones we meet each day.  I love the Music and the message and I hope you were there to hear both.

This week my message is about  “Do you know your place?” we don’t like to think that we need to be put in our place but the fact of the matter is quite often we do.  The scripture verse I am going to use is Mark 8: 31-33.  In this scripture even the great disciple Peter forgot his place when speaking to Jesus.  We need to understand as FOLLOWERS of Christ our position is not to lead but to follow.  That is hard for many of us especially a pastor who thinks he is suppose to be “large and in charge”.  I hope you will be in church Sunday to see where is our place?

Let me remind you to call someone this week and invite them to Church Sunday.  We have a lot to offer and I can’t believe there are not people out there that are looking to find a place where they will be accepted just as they are.  Our goal is to be a follower of what Christ did while here on earth and He never rejected anyone because they were not good enough or smart enough or too young or too old.  The only ones he turned away were the ones that felt they needed no help.  We ALL need help and Christ gives us that Hope we talked about last week.  Pray for those that are hurting, rejoice with those that have been blessed and be in Church Sunday as we worship together again.  We love you and can’t wait to see you on Sunday.

Pastor David & Pris


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