Sunday May 12, 2013 " A Mothers Comfort"

What a special Day Sunday will be. As we celebrate Mother’s day we have the chance to tell these very special ladies how much we love them. I hope your Mother is still alive and you are able to make her feel special.  Mother’s are not perfect, nor or Father’s but I pray that you can have that special relationship that only exists between a parent and a child.

This week I am going to finish up in the Gospel of John and I am going to read from my favorite chapter, John 14: vs 15-31. On this special day I want to show us how much Jesus is like our Mothers.  I know we call God our heavenly Father, but there is something in God that are all about Mother’s.  In these few versus we are going to see what a comfort Jesus is to his disciples.  Who is more comforting than a Mother? I am very excited to bring this message this week and I hope you and your family will be with us on this special day.

I hope you will spend some time with your Mother’s this weekend.  I wish I still had a Mother around but I have Ruth that is like my Mother, I have a terrific wife and so many wonderful friends and family members.  I am truly blessed.  I hope you are blessed as well.  If you want to feel that kind of love join us every Sunday at BBT!  Please keep spreading the word and remember you are not alone you have Christ in you and you are powerful beyond your wildest dreams.  Do great things and I will see you on Sunday.  Have a great Mothers day to all the Mothers everywhere!!!

We love you so much

Pastor David & Pris


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