Sunday May 27th 2012 "Joel and Dana are Back"

It was a great day in church last week!!! If you are not going to church on Sundays you are missing out on a great fellowship and we at Bartimaeus would love you to come be part of our fellowship.  We minister to people with disabilities but we all need to be ministered to by God so come and see what God has in store for you.  Last week we were encouraged to get out and evangelize.  Linda showed us how we cannot just sit back and do nothing and expect people to come to us, we have to get out there and find people who are searching for something that we can offer.  What do we offer? A place to meet together and worship.  A group of people who care about one another. A place where God is pouring out his blessings, not because we are so good but because he is and a place where you will be accepted just as you are.  If you are looking for this kind of fellowship and want to hear from God join us each week at BBT.  Larry shared a message about how we need to receive discipline from God.  We all mess up but God does not love us less.  When we are in sin God misses our fellowship with him and he will do anything short of forcing us to confess our sins and get back in the fellowship of his loving grace.  If you missed his sermon on Sunday go the web cast and listen to what pastor Larry has to say on what we need to do to let God clean up our messes.

I have great news Joel and his team WILL be in the service this week.  We have missed them over the last two months but Joel and Dana have been doing great things and they are excited to be back with us on Sunday.  Please invite some one to come with you on Sunday and come praise and worship with Joel and Dana in our house, or should I say God’s house.  It will be exciting!!!!

If you are hurting this week and need a prayer partner call me and let me pray with you or I may have someone else that can pray with you that has gone through or is going through what you are going through now.  Don’t sit in silence and suffer because you think no one knows what you are dealing with, or even worse no one cares what you are struggling with.  As Larry showed us last week we all have problems and we need help and that is what we are here for.  We don’t have all the answers but I know one that does and he cares so much for you that he laid down his life for you.  Please continue to pray for those that we spoke about last week in our prayer request and lets come back Sunday ready to hear what God has for us.   This church loves you whether you know it or not and we want you to know it!!!

Pastor David and Pris


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