Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday service of May 13

Pam is thankful for a wonderful week.  John is thankful that he woke up this morning.

Kelly prays for the strength in her left leg to keep improving and for her sister Shelly.  Ruth asks that we keep praying for Pauline who has colon cancer that is inoperable because of her weakened condition.  Elke is undergoing chemotherapy.  Remember Algie who had a stroke, fell and broke her hand, and is now on a feeding tube.  Brenda’s daughter Sara is still in pain after treatment for endometriosis.  Pam asks us to keep praying for her aunt Rose’s friends George and Birdie.  Sandy will be leaving for Israel soon.  Jana reminds us to pray for those who can’t be with us.  Teresa called Pastor David to say she couldn’t come because she was in some kind of pain.  Keep praying for Kim’s foot and her overall health to improve.


Sunday May 13 2012 " Is it well with your Family? "

We had a great service last week and it was so good to see some faces that had been missing. This is the week of Mother’s day and I am excited to be able to honor our Mothers on Sunday.  Valentine’s day may be a made up holiday for Stores and florist but I can not think of a better person to have a special day then Mothers.  There is no greater gift to a child then to have good Christian parents and let’s face it Mothers spend more time with the children then anyone in most cases.  What is it we can do to show our Mothers what they mean to us?  Tell them, then show them by our actions.  Nothing means more to a parent then to see our children being a blessing to others. What is the fruit we produce as branches to Jesus vine?  Loving others.  Mothers are the example of loving others.  Who is that says when there are 5 people at the table and only four pieces of pie says “I don’t really care for pie.”  Who is it that we go to when we are hurting and need someone just to hold us? Who is it that listens to our stories and is excited about them even when we tell them over and over? It’s out Mothers.  God created Mothers to remind us how much he loves us.  I hope your Mother is still with you but if not, remember her this Sunday and thank God for her.

This week Linda is going to bring the Sunday School lesson and Larry has a special song for the Mothers this week.  My message is going to be the story of a terrific Mother.  The scripture verse this week will be found in 2 Kings 4: 8-37.  This is the story of a shunammite woman who was given a prophecy by Elisha that within a year she would have a child.  She did not believe him because she was older and had never bore a child. Sure enough she had a son.  This is the story of a Mother’s love and the grace of God.  I hope you will be in church this week and I hope all the Mothers will feel like an honored guest in our service this week.

Keep praying for those that need our help and lets make sure we are available to do the work God is providing for us.  Lets do GREAT things in the name of Jesus and remember God has a blessing for you today.  Don’t miss it by having a negative attitude and a unforgiving spirit.  We Love you and can’t wait to see you on Sunday.

Pastor David & Priss


Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday service of May 6

Ruth asks us to pray for Pauline who has colon cancer.  She asks us to pray for Algie, who among other things recently fell and broke her hand.  Pray for Daniel who has prostate cancer.  Little Stephen for whom Ruth has been asking us to pray is doing well and staying at Ronald McDonald House.  Keep praying for little Ethan who needs a heart.  Pam prays for her aunt’s friend George in the hospital with pneumonia and another friend with Alzheimer’s.  Pam praises the Lord that she is free of pain.  Kelly is getting a cold.  Pray for Teresa’s family and that things work out so that she can keep coming to church.  Pray for Elke’s health.  Don asks prayer for Florence who recently had a step daughter die along with her unborn child.  Jana is thankful that her daughter is better.  She asks prayer for her family.  Kelly prays for Shelly to find a job.  Keep praying for Glen.  Anna offers praise that her daughter was not hurt in the car accident last week.  Kim is having trouble with arthritis in her ankle making it hard to walk.  Lupe rejoices that she has recovered and thanks everyone for praying.  Dede is having blurred vision.  Pray for her family situation.  Pray for Martin and for Benny.

Be fruitful this week.


Sunday May 6, 2012 "What's in a Vine?"

Well we have made it into May.  We have a new roof at the church and new windows will be installed in the next few weeks.  I hope we have learned to appreciate what God is doing in our ministry.  I enjoyed the service last week and I am looking forward to the exciting events ahead.  I hope you will make your plans to spend these Summer Sundays in our cool air-conditioned church.

This week I am going to talk about what Jesus means when he says “ I am the vine”. The scripture verse this week is found in Gospel of John 15: 1-8.  Jesus is trying to make the people understand what he is telling them and he is using an example that they all know.  The people of Judea knew about vineyards like the people in Texas know about farming.  Growing grapes was very profitable back in those days.  Jesus was constantly trying to explain the kingdom of God in ways the people could understand.  We are going to use this analogy to our lives today on Sunday. Are we bearing fruit and if so what kind of fruit?  These verses in John speak very frankly that those branches that do not bear fruit will be cut away and destroyed. I hope we leave the service on Sunday ready to be the fruit bearing people.  What is God expecting from us?  And what should we expect from ourselves?  I hope you will be with us on Sunday as we try to answer these questions.

I am sorry I forgot to write down the prayer request, without Larry and Linda being in the service I am just lost .  I guess you two cannot be out anymore!  I do know that we need to be praying for Elke. She has started going to her chemo treatments and she is not feeling very well right now.  Hopefully she will feel better as soon as she is through with the treatment.  We had quite a few members out on Sunday and we want to encourage you to speak to those who we missed and make sure they know we missed them.  Keep doing good things and get pressing forward.  I know many of you are struggling with your finances in these summer months I know how you feel I told my wife it seems like we live so far beyond our income that it may almost be said we are living apart.  I know God has great things for all of us.  Lets just keep working as hard as we can for the Master.  We will see you on Sunday!!!!

Pastor David & Pris


Sunday April 29, 2012 "The Good Shepard"

We had another great time last Sunday as we are looking forward to the summer months ahead. I know that sounds strange to be looking forward to June, July and August in Texas but I am expecting God to do great things in our lives this summer!  I hope you will be in church every week to see what God is doing at BBT.

This is a extra bonus that only happens few times all year, a fifth Sunday. As I was thinking about what has happened over the last few weeks I was thinking about how much God loves us.  We saw it at Easter as we looked at his sacrifice for us.  We see it as we talk about how it forgives us of our sins and we have talked about how he wants us to have abundant lives.  This week I want us to look at Jesus as the Good Shepard.  The bibles versus this week are found in the Gospel of John the 10Th Chapter vs 11-18.  Jesus describes himself as the Good Shepherd.  What makes someone a good shepherd?  We need to know this because we are to be that very thing.  Whether you know it or not you are probably going to lead someone to something in your life.  Even if you don’t consider yourself a leader someone is going to look at you and see how you act and react to situations you have to face.  You may very well be setting the example for them to follow.  Let me ask you if you knew what you did were being recorded would you act different?  When we know that someone is watching it makes a difference in what we do, what we say and how we act.  Understand as you live your life God is watching our every move; let’s live our lives like we understand that.  Lets be the shepherd that leads our sheep to paths of righteousness.  We can be the good shepherd Jesus talks about but to do so we must be willing to lay down our lives for our sheep. No greater love than this, to lay down one’s life for another.

I hope you will be with us in church on Sunday.  We will miss Larry and Linda this week as they are on a couple’s retreat. I know they will have a great time.  Please pray for those we have posted in the prayer room and come on Sunday and see the new roof God has provided for the church!  God has more blessing than we can imagine I hope you will be part of them.  We love you and can’t wait to see you on Sunday!

Pastor David & Pris


Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday service of April 22

Ruth said the little boy Stephen who her sister asked that we pray for a few months ago because he needed a heart transplant had received a new heart.  He is on his way to recovery.  Kim is doing better.  Kelly rejoices that can feel and lift her left leg.  She got her water turned on and got a new chair.  Some of Pam’s health problems are improving and she got to spend time with Sandy.  John got contact information for his brother whom he has not seen in a long time.  Jana has the chance to go back to school.  One praise report stands above them all.  Linda got to lead her friend Angela to Jesus this week. Pray for Angela’s quick recovery as she had a bad fall last week.

Ruth reminds us to pray for Martin who is in a lot of pain from spinal myelitis and has a problem with his foot.  Priscilla asks prayer for her aunt who fell and shattered her leg.  She is ninety years old and there is little that can be done for her.  Keep praying for Ethan to get a new heart.  Pray for the concerns Priscilla shared regarding her family.  Pray for Frances and her family situation.  Pray for Dede’s cousin Francie.  She is ill and asked Dede to have us pray.  Pray for Dede’s family and her eyes.  Brenda’s aunt passed away suddenly last week.  Pray for the family and especially for husband Billy.  April prays for her great aunt in failing health.  Pray for April’s brother who has been hospitalized.  Pray for peace in April’s home and that family members would act responsibly.  Pray for Elke’s health.  Pam has pain in her hips and legs making it painful to walk.

Be blessed to be a blessing this week.


Sunday April 22,2012 " Why me Lord "

What a great day at church on Sunday.  I really enjoyed Sunday School and I was challenged by Larry to live what we preach.  How important it is to be honest with others, with yourself and with God.  We missed Frances during the Praise part of the service but we made it through.  What made this day so special was the baptism of our sister in Christ Jana.  She had accepted Christ earlier but she wanted to be baptized to follow the example of Christ.  What a thrill for me to be part in the baptism.

This week was the week for Joel and Dana to be with us, however he is going to have to travel this week so he will not be able to be here this month so I guess you will just have to put up with me this week.  I was thinking about a sermon for this week and I was reading scripture in Acts the 3rd chapter and I ask myself why did God pick the Jews to be his people? Look how they turned on him. Look how they did not understand him and even today they are still looking for the Messiah.  The scripture for this week is going to be Acts the 3rd Chapter verse 11 thru 19 but to get the background to these verses you need to start at verse 1.  When I ask God why do you choose the Jews his answer to me is why did I choose you?  We are going to look at this scripture and see how it applies to us everyday.  I hope you will be in Church and invite someone to come with you.  Lets share what we have.

Please continue to pray for those that are hurting.  I hope you are having a great week and I hope you are putting God at the top of your priority list and I hope to see you on Sunday.  Do great things for God sake and expect a blessing.

Pastor David & Pris