Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday service of April 15

The most exciting praise report today is that we were privileged to witness Jana’s baptism.  When she gave her heart to Jesus, the angels rejoiced.  We can’t match what that was like, but we rejoice to see her public profession of faith as he follows the Lord’s example in baptism.

We’re thankful for everyone who helped make last week’s resurrection day celebration a success.  Our special thanks go out to Dianne Stevens, the neighbor of the Whitmores who once again provided such elaborate baskets for us and also the ham for the dinner.  We also all got gifts from Jana.

Pam needs to get to the doctor this Tuesday.  She’s praying transportation works out this week since they didn’t pick her up last week.  Don was asked by a coworker, Ella, to pray for her stepson who was injured in a sporting accident in California.  Don also reminds us to pray for another coworker, Mark,  who is back at work but is on dialysis and needs a transplant.  Don’s son-in-law Doug is in Mexico City.  Pray for his safety and also for Sarah, Don’s daughter, who is suffering from endometriosis.  Francis is not feeling well today and was not with us.  Kelly prays for her continued improvement and for her sister shelly.  Ruth said that Martin, the neighbor who has come with her a few times, wanted to come today but was having problems with his stomach and with his foot.  Linda wants us to pray for her friend Shelah who will go for CCSVI treatment this week.  That’s the condition now thought to be at the root of multiple sclerosis for which Linda received treatment last year.  Priscilla asks prayer for her mom who fell and broke her ribs last week.  Pray for both parents as their health declines.  She asked that we pray for Kim as she adjusts to changes in her medication.  She asks that we pray for a little boy name Ethan who needs a heart transplant.  Dede has a friend who wants prayer as she recovers from surgery.  Pray for Dede and her family.  Don wants us to pray for Glenn.   Kim reminds us to pray for Sandra Hart.  Pam reminds us to pray for Sandy as she prepares for a trip to Israel.

Pray for and encourage each other this week.


Message for April 15 - Honestly!

Hello family and friends.  I hope this finds you all well, rejoicing in the goodness of our Lord after our Resurrection Day celebration last Sunday.  A big thank you to all of those inside and outside the church who helped make it happen.

Since we’ll be meeting next Sunday on what would be tax day, I thought it would be a good time to talk about integrity.  I don’t know what your experience has been, but I have found that if someone feels the need to tell you that they’re honest you should be on your guard.  An expectation of integrity seems to be woven into our being.  Yes, we’re all born in sin and lying comes naturally, yet we have to learn mistrust.  We expect that others are telling the truth until we discover that sometimes they don’t.  We just know there’s something wrong with that, at least when someone else does it.

Whether you grew up in a Christian family or not, you were probably taught that lying is bad.  In time you also learned that maybe sometimes it was not so bad.  Maybe sometimes it’s even good.  Is that so?  Are there circumstances where being less than completely honest in word or deed is acceptable and even right, or might Jesus be calling us to a higher standard?  How do we handle those situations in life that seem to demand that we stray from truth?  Is honesty only about what we say?

This Sunday I would like to show you how the concept of integrity is woven throughout the scripture from beginning to end, but we can get a clear picture of how Jesus would answer our questions just by looking at what He said.  First, He says that He is the truth in John 14:6.  If He embodies truth, then following Him requires pursuit of truth.  Emulating Him means practicing truthfulness.

He also told us where lies come from.  He says of Satan in John 8:44, “…He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth because there is no truth in him.  Whenever he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own nature, for he is a liar and the father of lies.”

Come and join us this Sunday as we explore how to live our lives with integrity.  I’m looking forward to it.  Honestly!


Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday service of April 8

It was good to see some faces we haven’t seen in a while back with us today.  Teresa has been sick.  Sarah and Cheyenne were here as well as family and friends of Kay.  April praises God for getting her computer equipment fixed and that she will be getting a braille display.  Linda and I were blessed to attend the wedding of Chilly, the lady who spoke to us from Need Him a few months back.  Linda is rejoicing that she was able to handle the exertion and the heat better than she would have before the surgery she had in November.

Please pray that the problem with the church van is resolved quickly and inexpensively.  We were not able to pick up everyone because it could not be driven.  Kelley wants to walk again and says her left leg is moving better.  She walked to the car today when she was picked up.  Joanne asks that we pray for Kay.  She can’t get out of bed.  Also pray for Richard and Annette.  April asks prayer for the cessation of fighting in her home.  Jana prays for the storm victims from Tuesday’s tornados.  Kelly is praying for Shelly.  Teresa prays for peace between her and her sister Elizabeth.  Kim asks prayer for physical problems.   She praises God that she is doing so much better after being sick. She also asks that we pray for her grandparents, Priscilla’s mom and dad.  Brenda was asked to have us pray for family of their neighbors.  I missed some of the details but it involved the husband being very ill and in and out of a coma.  April prays for a friend named Randy who is sick.  Pam asks prayer for her legs.  They are feeling week. She is going back to a neurologist for treatment.  Sarah has been told that her older daughter Madeline has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and doesn’t want to see her.

Let’s pray for and encourage each other this week.


Sunday April 8 2012 " Crying at the tomb "

I hope all of you are O.K. after all the hurricane activity on Tuesday. I can’t remember when there was so much activity all over the city, not just one area.  Millions of dollars in damage but no deaths.  That is amazing. As I watched the coverage on the news it reminds me what an uncertain world we live in. Please be praying for the injured and those that lost property.

One thing is certain we had a great time Sunday at BBT.  I want to thank Linda and Pam for the recap on the series “Not a Fan”. I hope we can have more testimony of how we have become a better follower of Christ. This week is Easter.  What a celebration we will have on Sunday.  Pris will bring the Sunday school lesson and I am going to bring a message about what Mary Magdalene and two of the disciples did when they found the stone rolled away from the tomb.  The scripture verse this week will be found in the Gospel of John the 20Th chapter vs 1-18.  I want us to see how they reacted when they found the tomb empty.  Were they excited? Or were they disturbed?  Did they run and tell the others or did they just go about their business?  I want us to see what it meant to these few people and how they handled the news Jesus was no longer in the tomb.  We know what it means for us today. It is the reason we are celebrating on Sunday.  Were they celebrating?  Had not Jesus told them this is exactly what was going to happen? I hope you will join us in Church on this Easter Sunday and I hope you will invite someone to come along with you.  After the service we will have Easter dinner in the fellowship hall and we have Easter baskets for every family.  What a great time for fellowship and worship at BBT.

Have you heard from God lately?  I hope you are putting into practice the art of listing to God and obeying his instructions.  Keep reading the Word, keep praying for those that are hurting and help those you can.  God can make you a blessing to someone if you will let him and in return maybe someone will be a blessing to you.  You will be blessed if you are a blessing.  Do good things in the name of the Lord and we can’t wait to see you to celebrate the resurrection on Sunday!!  Know you are loved.

Pastor David & Pris


Sunday April 1, 2012 "After the Parade"

What a great day we had in Church last week.  We had a great time of sharing and receiving in Sunday school and I enjoyed sharing with you about how we can hear God.  We missed those who were not able to be there but I am excited about the upcoming service this week.

We missed Joel and Dana last week but they will be back in April.  Also in April I have friend that is a youth pastor at Freeman Heights Baptist Church who wants to come and bring his youth group to minister to us one week in April.  I have not confirmed yet with pastor Will Gibson but I know he is anxious to let his youth get out in the mission field and start doing good things for God.

This Sunday is Palm Sunday as well as April Fools, the national holiday for Atheist. Sorry I could not resist it.  This Week I am going to be talking about the time leading up to the crucifixion.  The scripture verse this week is Found in Mark 11: 1-11.  I am going to talk about the Commitment, the Courage, and the Compassion in Jesus as he prepares to suffer and die for you and me.  I am amazed at how Jesus loved me so much that he would lay down his life for me.  I am so unworthy but I am also so grateful.  I hope you have the same emotions.  Please make plans for being in church Sunday and invite someone to come with you.

I hope you have practiced at hearing God this week.  I hope you will be able to share something you heard from God this week.  I will get the prayer list posted this week and I hope if you have something you want us to pray about you will call me.  My family needs your prayers this week as we are struggling with a problem in our close family.  I am afraid this could really put a barrier up in our family and we really need your prayers.  Larry and Linda also need our prayers in their family as well. Please keep believing in this ministry and what God has for you and be prepared to go where he sends you to go.  You will be blessed.  We love you and can’t wait to see you in Church on Sunday

Pastor David & Pris


Sunday March 25th 2012 " Is that thunder I hear?"

It is so good to be back home in Texas.  We had a great trip but only I can get caught in the desert in a snow storm.  I missed being with you but it was nice to travel with our friends. I hope you enjoyed Church and I am anxious to hear the last lesson on discipleship and the sermon Larry brought.

We were suppose to have Joel and his group with us Sunday but they are involved in their Church this week, so you will have to put up with me again.  Easter is just a week away. Leading up to that I looked at the week of the celebration of Passover leading up to the Crucifixion of Christ.  The scripture is the gospel of John chapter 12 vs 20-33.  We are going to talk about hearing God.  As a disciple we must be able to hear God and act on his direction, as Larry talked about last week, there will be a lot of people who think they are doing what is required of them but are they really.  Can you hear God or do you just hear the thunder?  I want us to be Gods people following Gods direction.  We can not do that if all we do is go through the motions of being a disciple.  We need to hear from God.  I hope you will be in church Sunday and celebrate Passover with us as we celebrate the Lord’s supper.

Thank you so much for praying for us last week. As I was sitting in my room Sunday afternoon I really felt your prayers, as I knew you were meeting together in worship.  I feel so fortunate to be a part of this ministry.  I hope you feel the same.  I want to thank all of you for what you mean to my family.  Ruth did not get to go out of town this week.  I know she miss the chance to visit her family but she says she will get to go around Thanksgiving but I am thankful she will be in Church on Sunday. Want to hear God this week? If someones name comes to you this week and you feel like this person needs something, act on it, call them, go by and see them just don’t ignore the opportunity to minister to them as God has chosen you to minister to that person.  Keep praying for those that are sick and hurting and invite someone to come to church with you on Sunday!!  We will see you then.

Pastor David & Pris