Message for Sunday, February 11, 2018: The Power of Love

 Last Sunday we had a great time at BBT. Theresa was back after being out several weeks.  Pris led Sunday School in a lesson about the difference in being happy and having joy.  She showed us that happiness is a temporary thing that comes and goes but Joy comes from inside and is a product of having the Holy Spirit living in us.  I brought a message on setting goals and accomplishing these goals but the lessons are learned on the way to reach these goals. 

This week I want to share with you about how to love yourself.  So many Christians have been taught that it is wrong for us to love ourselves because we will become full of pride and self-dependence that we no longer will need God.  There is a difference between self-love & self-centeredness. Jesus was all about loving our self. In our scripture verses this week in Matthew 22:34-40 Jesus says we are to love our neighbors as we love ourselves.  It is important for us to love ourselves because until we do we will not be able to love others the way Jesus wants us to love.  I hope to show you this Sunday how it is not wrong to love ourselves and in fact it is a necessity.  Join us Sunday as we worship together and invite someone to come with you.

Continue to pray for those mentioned in our prayer request last week and have a great week. Do something good for somebody this week and we will see you on Sunday!




We love you so much,




Pastor David & Pris



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