Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of February 4

Rejoice with us and pray with us.

Cathy praises the Lord that Benny didn’t have the flu. Lupe praises God for a good report from the doctor. Anita is thankful she found a way to get transportation. Mrs. Fox is looking at apartments. Leeanne is all caught kup in school. Clarke has found a place to stay. Ruth is thankful to be here. Teresa is thankful to be here too. Dede is just praising the Lord! Barbara says Richarchard’s treatments are almost completed and they won’t have to make so many trips to Dallas. We will miss them though because they won’t be here as often. Kimi is thankful for time with her sister and that she has insurance to see the doctor when she needs to.

Priscilla asks prayer for her aunt Marilyn as her husband’s memorial is today. Leanne asks prayer for her mom to get better. The family is still fighting illness. Richard prays for funding to get his broken truck window fixed. Pray for Priscilla and Kimi and Edward who are not feeling well.

Be blessed to be a blessing this week!


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