Message for July 9: What If God Gives You What You Want?

Blessings to you.  i hope you were able to enjoy the celebrations this week and to take a moment to reflect on what it is that we are celebrating.  We’ve had rain, but it is as if God worked it around all the firework displays.  It always came late night or early morning.

I enjoyed our time together last week.  Linda challenged us to study our Bibles during the Sunday school time.  The songs Don chose flowed right into Pastor David’s message about the source of true freedom in our lives.

This week I’m going to talk about Saul.  He doesn’t exactly fit the deliverer pattern we’ve been following.  One of the commentators I read called him a type of the antichrist instead of a type of christ.  Saul was Israel’s first king.  He was appointed for them by God at their request, even though their request was a rejection of His kingship over their nation.  He tells us so in our focus scripture, which comes from 1 Samuel 8:4-9.  What was wrong with their request?  Why would God grant it?  What was the result?  There are so many lessons we can learn here.  I hope you’ll join us.

We got a report from Brenda today that Don’s kidney function was much better than what he was told before.  Thank God for answered prayer!  Keep praying for each other and remember especially the requests that have been made.  You can always refresh your memory from the Praise and Prayer Requests page.

See you Sunday!


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