Message for June 16 - The Father's Blessing

Hello family and friends.  I pray this finds you well and engaged in the special purpose that God has for each of us.  It was great to see so many people back with us last Sunday.  Pastor David spoke of our need to trust one another.  I’ve learned something about trust.  It has to be given before it can be earned.  It is part of loving and being love.  When we first learn to trust God it becomes easier to trust others because we know that whatever happens in our earthly relationships God is always faithful.

This Sunday I want to share with you the Father’s blessing.  We’ll start with a story that isn’t pretty, but it illustrates a desperate need that we all have for the affirmation of our earthly fathers.  Far too many of us didn’t get it.  I am thankful that I did.  There is an even deeper need that we have, whether we know it or not.  We need the blessing of our Heavenly Father.

Back in the days when the events of Genesis were unfolding, the father’s blessing was understood to be very important.  It was not only a sign of a father’s good will, it was prophetic in nature.  Perhaps this was part of the culture or maybe it was a special understanding passed down through the line of Abraham, but we can see in the story of Jacob and Esau in Genesis chapter 27 how important this blessing was considered to be.  It was typically reserved for the oldest son, but over and over we see this tradition upended as God works out His purposes.  We’ll start by reading verses 27-40, but I urge you to read the context on your own.

Maybe you didn’t feel like you had your father’s blessing.  Maybe he wasn’t around at all.  I hope that when we’re finished on Sunday, you’ll see that your Heavenly Father has more than enough in store for you.  If you belong to Him, He has a special plan and a special blessing that is customized just for you!  Come and join us as we rejoice together in the Father’s blessing.


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