Message for March 16 - What's to Know about Noah?

Hello church family and friends.  It was a joy to be back together last Sunday after yet another weather interruption.  At least this time weather actually did make an appearance!  We had a great time of fellowship together celebrating Arthur and Jana Breedlove’s wedding.  Mr. Breedlove cooked up some excellent barbeque and everyone pitched in for a great spread.  Pastor David capped off his series on the beatitudes.  If we will take Jesus’ teachings seriously and try to live them out, we will indeed be blessed.

This Sunday Linda and I have the honor of sharing with you.  Linda has an important lesson for us all that I hope we will take to heart.  I want to encourage you over the next few months by talking about the people that God used throughout the Old Testament to illustrate what Jesus came to do for us.  None of these people were perfect.  Only Jesus is that good, but God used them anyway and that is what I think He wants us to see.  By looking at their lives and how God used them, we will learn much that can guide and strengthen us in our own journeys.

We’re going to start with Noah.  You’ll find His story in Genesis, Chapters 6-9.  You might want to read the whole passage to get reacquainted with the story, but we could sum it up with verses 5-8 of Chapter 6.  We all learned about the ark in Sunday school, but there’s much more here.  Noah is the first picture of a deliverer who would save humanity.  Let’s take a look at Noah’s life and see what we can learn.

Please come and join us!  The weather reports as of this writing show the rain on the way out by then, so you won’t need your own ark to get here.  See you Sunday!


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