Message for March 20: What Happened Friday?

Blessings to you, family and friends of BBT.  I think this is my favorite time of the year.  It really defines who we are.  Without what Jesus did at the cross, nothing else matters.  If he hadn’t gotten out of that grave, nothing would matter.  But He did die, and He did arise, and we have this eternal hope.  Let us always be ready to share it during this season.

Last week it was wonderful to see how God pulled everything together in the service.  We don’t really do that well at coordinating.  We feel delighted if we just remember to do everything we’re asked, get it there, and it all works!  But God knew all of the parts and He fit them together.  It was good to see Richard back with us.  We have several people out though having a rough time.  Watch the Praise and Prayer Requests page for updates, and remember especially Kimmi, Edith, Debra, and Lupe.  Pray for them and let them know you love them.

In preparation for Resurrection Sunday, I want to share with you next week some things about the crucifixion.  What happened at the cross?  Why was it so important?  What did Jesus’ death accomplish?  How might the circumstances surrounding His death reveal that to us?  Read Matthew, 27:33-54.  But first I’m going to answer the question with which I titled the message.  What happened Friday?  The answer might surprise you.

See you there!

In His love


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