Praise and Prayer requests from Sunday Service of March 13

Rejoice with us over answered prayer and remember these requests this week.
Clarke and Shelly got a car.  Clark will have his stitches out tomorrow.  Shelly is thankful for god’s faithfulness.  Edith is out of the hospital and wil have therapy at home.  We’re thankful for the new church directory that Craig put together for us.  We’re glad to have Richard B back with us!  Cindy got to spend time with her sister.  Kelly says she keeps getting stronger.
Keep praying for Kelly.  She will once again need a place to live.  Shelly wants us to pray for a young girl who is being bullied at school.  She asks prayer for all the children facing that and for God to be returned to the schools.  Pray for our government.  Clark is facing more health problems.  Cathy asks prayer for a friend, Juanita, who is suffering seizures  of unknown origin.  Lupe is sick again and unable to keep food down.  Shelly has also been dealing with health problems, including severe headaches.  Mary prays for the safety of her children as they enjoy spring break activities.  Keep praying for Kimi.  She’s still having to go to the doctor daily for another week due to the infection and if they can’t treat it that way she will be hospitalized.  Debra is out again with migraines and vertigo. She had a headache for 4 days last week.  Craig prays for a productive week catching up on school work.  John prays for everyone.
Be God’s answer to someone’s prayer this week!

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