Message for May 17: Honestly!

I don’t have a lot to say about what happened last Sunday since I wasn’t there.  Linda and I spent the time celebrating Mothers Day with my parents.  I did get the recorder to Pastor David, so when I get it back I will upload the podcasts and transcribe the prayer requests.  That’s why we do them, so that no one has to miss out whatever the reason they can’t be with us.

A couple of years ago, the city of Richardson where I live had it’s first mayoral election.  Up to then the mayor had been chosen by the members of the city council from among their number.  I went to the candidate forums to try to learn who would be the best for our city.  Just about every time one of the candidates would answer a question, she would say something like, “to be perfectly candid with you…”  I thought to myself at the time that if you have to keep telling me how honest you are, maybe it’s because you’re really not.  As it turned out, it appears that she really wasn’t.  You might have seen her on the channel 8 news recently.

What does it mean to have integrity?  We all know it’s wrong to lie, but then we’re faced with that uncomfortable situation.  One little “white lie” would make it go away, or so we think.  What about the way we do our jobs?  What about the way we fill out our tax forms?  The world will tell you there are all kinds of situations where it’s okay to be less than honest, but that perspective quickly changes when we are on the receiving end of someone else’s  dishonesty.  What is God’s standard?

Our launchpad this week will be Colossians 3:9-10.  Come and let us explore God’s word together!

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