Message for November 17 - We Should All Be Arrested!

Hello loved ones!  What a wonderful month we are having!  With all the funerals we’ve had in the last few years, we get to have two weddings this month!  Breedlove and Jana will be married this evening.  Tim and Cindy will be married on the 30th.  What better time to have this happen than on the same month that we also celebrate Thanksgiving?  God is good!

Last week we heard more encouraging words from Priscilla and then Breedlove gave what I’m calling part 1 of his testimony.  I could probably say that about any of us, because God is always working in our lives.  I also think Pastor David’s message was particularly appropriate this month.  After all, married people better learn to forgive!

My health is improving.  I was pretty certain I knew what was happening or I would not have risked exposing anyone.  I turned out to be right.  It was a recurrence of the same thing that put me in the hospital back in February.  The good news is we got it in time and I am back to normal activity.  Thank you all for your prayers and concern.  Keep in mind the other prayer requests that were mentioned.  You can always refresh your memory from the web site.

This Sunday, I want to talk to you from the book of Galatians.  It’s not a long book, so I urge you to read it this week.  The truth is that we are all law breakers.  If God had a police force, we’d all be in danger of being arrested!  Not only that, but we’d be convicted and the penalty is death!  But instead of sending a Heavenly hit squad, God sent His son, Jesus, to take it for us.  The trouble is that we think we know better.  We seem to think that if we do everything right, we’ll make the cut.  Sometimes we’re so arrogant that we appoint ourselves God’s police force and try to make everyone else follow the law as we see it.  Paul has some very harsh words for that kind of attitude.  He also has some very encouraging words if we choose to walk with Jesus by His Holy Spirit.  Come and let’s explore them together.


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