Message by Larry Thacker Jr. for July 30: The Shepherd King

In this podcast I talk about King David. I don’t know, but I think he’s probably the best known Bible character besides Jesus Himself. From childhood we hear about how he killed Goliath. He is called a man after God’s own heart. He becomes the king of Israel and God promises him that His kingdom will last forever. Yet his record is not without blemish. We also know the story of Bathsheba. He was a warrior, prophet, singer-songwriter, musician, shepherd, and king. I think anyone alive today trying to claim “most interesting man in the world” faces some stiff competition from King David. His bio reads like an adventure novel. But what makes David so important is not the life he lived. It is that God chose him to fulfill the promises He made to Israel. Our theme is drawn from 2 Samuel 7:8-16. King David pre-figures Jesus for us in some very special ways.

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