Message by Pastor David Whitmore for April 23: OK What Do We Do Now?

This week I talk to you about the last time Jesus talked with his disciples before ascending into Heaven, when he gave them instructions on what they were supposed to do after he was gone.  Up until now they had no idea what they would be doing.  Many probably believed they would go back to the lives they had before they met Jesus.  Our scripture verse this week is in Matthew 28:16-20.  This is when Jesus gives them what we call the great commission.  Jesus told them what they needed to do and soon he would send them the Holy Spirit to empower them to do it.  Up until now the disciples were afraid, defeated, lost and had no hope but all that changed when Jesus appeared to them after he rose from the grave.  They now knew what Jesus was talking about but they still weren’t sure what they were supposed to do.  Now they knew and boy what a change in these men.  The question for us today is what in the world are we supposed to do.

(Excerpted from the pastor’s introduction)

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