Message by Pastor David Whitmore for April 9: Did God Answer Jesus’ Prayer?

Our scripture verse will be Luke 22 39-46.  As Jesus is praying he is demonstrating the way we should be praying.  Our prayers are the most powerful tool we have yet many don’t know how to pray or don’t feel like their prayers do any good.  There are many people who have lost their faith in God because they felt like God does not answer their prayers. As Jesus was about to sacrifice his life on a cross he reaches out to God and it appears God does not answer his prayer.  The truth is God did answer his prayer because Jesus asked God to let his will be done.  God knew without the sacrifice of Jesus we would not be forgiven.  God answered his prayer for our benefit.  God always wants the best for us and we need to understand that.  The things we want are not always to our benefit.  God only wants the best for us.  We will look at this prayer and see what Jesus wanted us to understand about how to pray.

(Excerpted from the pastor’s introduction)

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