Praise and Prayer Requests foor Sunday Service of September 17

Rejoice with us and pray with us.
Ruth praises the Lord to be here and we are also rejoicing.  We’re glad to have Michael and Debra back today!  Chris enjoyed getting to see family.  Kim praises the Lord that she was able to get an appointment for a second opinion on her leg.  She enjoyed going to a wedding last week.  Debra is thankful for progress toward getting control of her pain.  Pam is thankful that she didn’t lose her purse.  Anita is thankful to be feeling better after a br breathing scare today.  Didi thanks the Lord for safety after discovering her door open all night.  We’re praising the Lord for a wonderful homecoming service last week.
Pray for Linda.  Kim asks prayer for her friend Kathleen having problems in her marriage.  Anita asks prayer for her aunt who is not doing well.  Pray for Cathy’s brother Gary as he goes for surgery this week.  Pray for Clarke’s health.  Pray for Shelly and Kelly.  Pray for Jacob, Jay Gobson’s son, who is experiencing more ceisures.  Pray for Didi.  Pray for Debra’s Mom who needs to do a lot of driving this month and that gives her back trouble.  Her name is Karen.  I missed a request from Didi.  Pray for Pam as she deals with medical problems.  Lisa asks that we pray for Jane.  Pam related a prayer request for Sandy B. Who is having problems with her balance.  Mrs. Fox prays for her medical needs to be provided.
Thanks the Lord for all He as done and be an answer to prayer this week.

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