Praise and Prayer Requests for Sunday Service of December 2

Linda and I were blessed to meet with a former pastor of ours whom we both respect very much.  April is starting a chat room for the blind.  We’re blessed to have Jay Gibson and his church with us today doing the service and dinner.  Sarah enjoyed her cruise and got to interact with a dolphin.  Kim praises God for the work that God is doing through Victory Outreach, which meets in our church now on Wednesday evenings.

Kim requests prayer for her health and for a little girl named Emma who is beign neglected.  Kathy wants us to pray for Zac who was just deployed.  Pray for Aprils family situation and for her ailing great aunt.  Dede asks prayer for her friend vaugn who is in the hospital and for a woman she met at the store.  Pray for Dede’s family and health.  Pray for Kathy’s husband Benny who will have surgery on the 19th.  Pray for Frances’s family and living situation.

I pray that in the face of tangible expressions of God’s blessings toward us that we will remember to bless others this season.


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