Praise and Prayer Requests for Sunday Service of July 8

Pam praises the Lord for His Heavenly blessings and for our troops protecting us.  She is doing better and walked in today without a walker.  Teresa praises the Lord that she is able to be here.  Sarah asks prayer for her mom who is now in a nursing home with dementia.  Pray for her friend struggling with post-pardum depression, Jasmine.  Dede asks for prayer for a cousin who is sick.  SShe asks for prayer for a lady named Norma who has been calling her.  Kelly is thankful for gaining strength in her leg and asks us to keep praying.  Jana is in need of transportation so that she can get to and from school.  Priscilla praises the Lord for the good time we had at the picnic last week.  She asks prayer for a neighbor named Bobby who is having trouble moving.  Keep praying for Kim’s blood clot to be removed.  Pray for Priscilla’s parents.  Anna asks prayer for Algie who is now in a nursing home and cannot leave.  She is the sister of Iris, a friend of the church.  Kelly is moving into a nursing home as a temporary situation.  Pam prays for Brenda O.  Her a/c breaks every summer and is out now.  It’s a problem all through her complex.

Please forgive any omissions or mistakes.  The prayer requests were done real-time today.  I’ll get better with practice.  Be blessed to be a blessing


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