Sunday July 8, 2012 "You are somebody"

Last week was a special day for BBT.  We had our first “Church in the Park”.  We had a good turnout and the weather was warm but it was a beautiful day.  I hope we can do this again.  I want to think everyone who helped out to make the picnic a success.  The only thing we are going to have to get better at is our group photos.  Seem it is so hard to get everyone together at these photos.

This week I am going to bring a message on “You are somebody”.  I want us to look at what the scriptures say we are and I want us to start living like we are somebody.  My scripture verses this week are Gal 3:26-29.  This is who we are! Providing we have accepted Jesus Christ as our personal savior.  This is not something we can boast about because it is not something we have done but what someone has done for us.  Now we need to get out there and make others feel like they are somebody as well. Pris will have another lesson on Revelations this week so read up on it so we can discuss her thoughts.

I hope you all had a great 4Th of July and I hope you will be in church on Sunday at our regular time and place.  Keep praying for those that need our strength and remember we all need help sometimes.  Lets be the help someone needs.  We love you and will see you on Sunday!

Pastor David & Pris


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