Praise and Prayer Requests for Sunday Service of October 14

Ruth got an excellent report from the doctor about her heart.  Don is thankful that he had some time off and was able to help Frances with her house.  Frances is getting a lot of work done for a good price.  Frances won’t have to pay anything.  She’s getting better furniture.  Pam got new glasses and got to spend time with Sandy last weekend.  She’s feeling better too.  Linda is feeling much better today.  Thank you all for praying.

Ruth asks us to pray for Lupe’s relatives the Flores family.  Pam asks that we pray for Sandy’s sister who has a heart condition.  Pray for April’s family as her aunt is near passing and under hospice care.  Priscilla says that Mary was not looking good today and has learned that she has pneumonia.  The staf is not doing anything for her.  Pray for Kelly to get into the kind of living situation she needs.  Pray for Priscilla’s parents.  She says that Michelle has now been declared free of cancer.

Let’s pray for each other this week and not forget to thank God for the prayers He has answered.


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