Special prayer request from afar

Thanks be to God who gave us the creative power to build something like the Internet, through which even our little church can have a world-wide impact.  I am sharing a prayer request all the way Romania that was left on our comment page.  Sadly, because of the amount of abuse that comes from international domains, most of them are blocked from actually becoming members on our site, but they can read the posts and hear the podcasts.

May God’s peace and blessings be with you! I learned about your ministry through the way of the Internet. I could see your heart and passion for the lost people of this world. May God richly reward your heart and actions in reaching people to Jesus’ cross!   My name is Melany. I live in Romania. I wrote you because I have a prayer request. If God leads you to do that, I should like you to pray for a Romanian man to receive Christ as his personal Savior. His name is Romul. He is one of my neighbors. Because of the circumstances I don’t have the opportunity to talk too often to him in order to share with him the love of Christ and probably, to invite him to church. Please pray that the Holy Spirit would touch him and bring him to a place of personal relationship with Jesus Christ. If you feel, pray also for me to have opportunities to share with him the gospel. I desire to see him saved (and I am confident that this is God’s desire, too). He attended a Christian church for a while, but now he stopped and he is sinking in sin deeper and deeper. Led by some non-Christian friends, he chose the way of the world with its desires and pleasures. Please pray for him (as God leads). Thank you so much for ministering for the enlargement of God’s kingdom!!! May God bless and reward you!all for my King Jesus:   Melany


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