Praise and Prayer Requests from Resurrection Sunday, March 27

He is risen!  Rejoice with us over what He has done.
Ruth says Kingston will be fre of cancer by the age of 6.  Kimmie praises the Lord that she is able to be with us today.  We are all happy about that.  Linda and I are enjoying having her sister Marilyn with us this weekend.  Ana is glad to be back after helping her daughter make a successful move.  Don enjoyed seeing his son this morning and learned that he will have a new grandson.  Priscilla praises the Lord for the good things that He did even in the midst of the difficulties she has faced over the past few week.  Also her dad got hospice.
Keep praying for Clark as he recovers from getting attacked a few days ago.  Keep praying for Kelly.  Cathy prays for James, husband of a high school friend who has cancer of the kidney.  Pray also for another acquaintance, Don, who is in the hospital with heart problems.  Pray for Elkie .
Share the joy of Jesus with someone this week!  Be blessed to be a blessing.

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