Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of April 10

Praise God for what He has done and pray with us over these requests.
Shelly is back with us and feeling better.  She thanks the Lord for His protection and provision.  Cindy enjoyed time with family and celebrating her birthday over the past two weeks.  Rachel is getting help and doing better.  Tim also rejoices in family and what God has done for him.  Ruth says Lupe came home from the hospital last night and really wanted to come today.
Keep praying for Kelly’s welfare.  Kelvin is having some trouble with his foot.  Cathy asks us to keep praying for Scott Brown in Louisiana  He went through one surgery on Friday and will be on antibiotics for a while.  She asks prayer for David Carter, an acquaintance with a similar issue.  Keep praying for Kim.  She is going home but still in a lot of pain.  Karen is in the hospital and no longer at Brentwood.  Ana asks prayer for her daughter who has the opportunity for a very good job.  Brenda asks prayer for a coworker Patricia who has had cancer treatment and is not doing well.  She prays for a little girl she met at the doctor that had a fever but we don’t have her name.  Keep praying for Dede.  Lisa is having trouble with her legs due to arthritis.  She wasn’t able to join us today.  Craig asks prayer as he finishes school.
Be an answer to prayer this week!

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