Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of April 13

We’re thankful for the rain! Kelly says she can stand.Jerry Gibson is cancer free!  Cathy is thankful things are working out well fo her mother-in-law. It’s good to have more youngsters with us today.  Tim has a new grandson.

Benny has lost a cousin to cancer.  Pray for the family.  Anita may  getting better but she is still on oxygen.  Pray for the people in the major wreck on I75 today.  Pray for Dede’s eyes and health.  Pray for the family and coworkers of Rick, a man who passed away who works with Don.  Pray for one of Brenda’s neighbors having a difficult pregnancy with twins.  Pray for Kenneth’s father Sam who has a serious infection.  Pray for Kim’s health to improve.  Ruth’s sister Mary Ellen has been diagnosed with cancer.  Pray for Kay and Annette.  Jana asks prayer for her daughter Gena who dropped something on her toe.

Pray for each other and be blessed to be a blessing this week.


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