Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday service of April 14

Cindy reports that Damon is home from the hospital and improving.  Pam was able to get her wheelchair fixed.  Lupe thanks everyone for praying for her son.  He is going back to work.  Linda is glad we went back to church this morning and met up wiht Edith.  She is thankful to have heard from someone in Alabama interested in disability ministry.  Priscilla brought her neighbor Bobby with her today who has recovered from a car accident.  We have prayed for him.  We also joyfully welcome our newest member Tim who joined the church today ready to work.

Pam wants us to pray for her cat who is sick.  Dede met a woman named Lisa last night who asked us to pray for her.  She has glaucoma.  Keep praying for Dede as well.Pray for Sharon, one of our trustees, who has recently fallen and sustained a fracture that may require corrective surgery.  Pray for Pam’s friend Chris who is without his adapted van and for his mother who is having age related difficulty.  Cindy asks prayer for the Johnson family who have just experienced a death.  Teresa is not with us because her family has also lost someone.  Keep them in your prayers.  Pray for Pastor David’s friend Roger and wife Kathy who is dying of cancer.  Pray for Joe Meyers and his family.  His wife Twyla for whom we have been praying has passed away.

As I write this news of the terrorist attack in Boston is playing in the next room.  Pray for all of those affected by this and pray that our leaders will act wisely in its aftermath.


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