Sunday April 14, 2013 "Do You Love Me"

We had another great Sunday in church this week and I hope this is just the beginning of many great things to come at BBT.  Pris shared some dreams and visions for the church.  I hope we can get started with these ideas right away.  There is so much to be looking forward to, I hope you are excited as I am.

This week I am going to stay in the Gospel of John 21: 1-19. As I speak to you this week I am going to look at this scripture from the viewpoint of Peter.  I am going to try and think like Peter thought and try to imagine what Peter was feeling.  There is so much of Peter in all of us.  I know there are many Christians today who feel they have hopelessly lost the favor of Christ. We have messed up so much, how can Jesus trust us anymore, we don’t even trust ourselves.  This had to be the way Peter was feeling here, in fact I think Peter had given up and was ready to go back to his old life of fishing.  Peter learns a lesson here that we need to learn as well. Jesus did not give up on Peter and he has not given up on us.  We must not give up.  I hope you will be in Church on Sunday as we fellowship with one another in God’s House.

Please pray for those that are hurting this week, our prayer request last week had several people who are really struggling, they need our prayers and they need a touch from God.  That is where we come in, regardless of your condition we can pray.  We can pray the prayer of Hope and Joy, even if that is not what we feel like physically. God wants our praise and he wants to hear that we love him with everything we have.  We are excited about the coming things to BBT and it starts on Sunday.  Keep doing great things in the name of Christ.  I hope to see you Sunday!!!

We love you so much,

Pastor David & Pris


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