Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday service of April 15

The most exciting praise report today is that we were privileged to witness Jana’s baptism.  When she gave her heart to Jesus, the angels rejoiced.  We can’t match what that was like, but we rejoice to see her public profession of faith as he follows the Lord’s example in baptism.

We’re thankful for everyone who helped make last week’s resurrection day celebration a success.  Our special thanks go out to Dianne Stevens, the neighbor of the Whitmores who once again provided such elaborate baskets for us and also the ham for the dinner.  We also all got gifts from Jana.

Pam needs to get to the doctor this Tuesday.  She’s praying transportation works out this week since they didn’t pick her up last week.  Don was asked by a coworker, Ella, to pray for her stepson who was injured in a sporting accident in California.  Don also reminds us to pray for another coworker, Mark,  who is back at work but is on dialysis and needs a transplant.  Don’s son-in-law Doug is in Mexico City.  Pray for his safety and also for Sarah, Don’s daughter, who is suffering from endometriosis.  Francis is not feeling well today and was not with us.  Kelly prays for her continued improvement and for her sister shelly.  Ruth said that Martin, the neighbor who has come with her a few times, wanted to come today but was having problems with his stomach and with his foot.  Linda wants us to pray for her friend Shelah who will go for CCSVI treatment this week.  That’s the condition now thought to be at the root of multiple sclerosis for which Linda received treatment last year.  Priscilla asks prayer for her mom who fell and broke her ribs last week.  Pray for both parents as their health declines.  She asked that we pray for Kim as she adjusts to changes in her medication.  She asks that we pray for a little boy name Ethan who needs a heart transplant.  Dede has a friend who wants prayer as she recovers from surgery.  Pray for Dede and her family.  Don wants us to pray for Glenn.   Kim reminds us to pray for Sandra Hart.  Pam reminds us to pray for Sandy as she prepares for a trip to Israel.

Pray for and encourage each other this week.


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