Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday service of April 22

Ruth said the little boy Stephen who her sister asked that we pray for a few months ago because he needed a heart transplant had received a new heart.  He is on his way to recovery.  Kim is doing better.  Kelly rejoices that can feel and lift her left leg.  She got her water turned on and got a new chair.  Some of Pam’s health problems are improving and she got to spend time with Sandy.  John got contact information for his brother whom he has not seen in a long time.  Jana has the chance to go back to school.  One praise report stands above them all.  Linda got to lead her friend Angela to Jesus this week. Pray for Angela’s quick recovery as she had a bad fall last week.

Ruth reminds us to pray for Martin who is in a lot of pain from spinal myelitis and has a problem with his foot.  Priscilla asks prayer for her aunt who fell and shattered her leg.  She is ninety years old and there is little that can be done for her.  Keep praying for Ethan to get a new heart.  Pray for the concerns Priscilla shared regarding her family.  Pray for Frances and her family situation.  Pray for Dede’s cousin Francie.  She is ill and asked Dede to have us pray.  Pray for Dede’s family and her eyes.  Brenda’s aunt passed away suddenly last week.  Pray for the family and especially for husband Billy.  April prays for her great aunt in failing health.  Pray for April’s brother who has been hospitalized.  Pray for peace in April’s home and that family members would act responsibly.  Pray for Elke’s health.  Pam has pain in her hips and legs making it painful to walk.

Be blessed to be a blessing this week.


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