Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of April 27

Anita is thankful to be better and back with us and we rejoice with her!  Pam is thankful for God’s grace and mercy.  Priscilla rejoices that the little one she keeps is learning about Jesus.

There were several unspoken requests.  Pray for Jana’s sister.  I was not able to take the requests real-time today and the recorder did not pick up enough of what she said.  Her name is Teri.  Pray also for her cousin Kathy who was in a car wreck.  Pray for Ruth’s grandson Patric.  He cut his hand with a chainsaw so badly that he cannot work until it heals.  Pray for Don’s coworker Mark with a malignant tumor on his kidney.  Pray comfort for Edith after she had to put her dog down.  Pray for Barbara and Richard as they make a transition to a new home.  Pray for Dede’s neighbor.  She calls him Mr. Willy.  He and his wife hae both been diagnosed with cancer.  Pray for Chris Hail and his mother.  Keep praying for Carla.  She’s out of the hospital but still having problems.  Keep Ruth’s sister Mary Ellen in prayer regarding the cancer.  Kim is in pain with vary swollen feet.

Let’s all pray for each other this week and lead someone new into the presence of The Lord.


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