Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday service of April 8

It was good to see some faces we haven’t seen in a while back with us today.  Teresa has been sick.  Sarah and Cheyenne were here as well as family and friends of Kay.  April praises God for getting her computer equipment fixed and that she will be getting a braille display.  Linda and I were blessed to attend the wedding of Chilly, the lady who spoke to us from Need Him a few months back.  Linda is rejoicing that she was able to handle the exertion and the heat better than she would have before the surgery she had in November.

Please pray that the problem with the church van is resolved quickly and inexpensively.  We were not able to pick up everyone because it could not be driven.  Kelley wants to walk again and says her left leg is moving better.  She walked to the car today when she was picked up.  Joanne asks that we pray for Kay.  She can’t get out of bed.  Also pray for Richard and Annette.  April asks prayer for the cessation of fighting in her home.  Jana prays for the storm victims from Tuesday’s tornados.  Kelly is praying for Shelly.  Teresa prays for peace between her and her sister Elizabeth.  Kim asks prayer for physical problems.   She praises God that she is doing so much better after being sick. She also asks that we pray for her grandparents, Priscilla’s mom and dad.  Brenda was asked to have us pray for family of their neighbors.  I missed some of the details but it involved the husband being very ill and in and out of a coma.  April prays for a friend named Randy who is sick.  Pam asks prayer for her legs.  They are feeling week. She is going back to a neurologist for treatment.  Sarah has been told that her older daughter Madeline has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and doesn’t want to see her.

Let’s pray for and encourage each other this week.


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