Sunday April 8 2012 " Crying at the tomb "

I hope all of you are O.K. after all the hurricane activity on Tuesday. I can’t remember when there was so much activity all over the city, not just one area.  Millions of dollars in damage but no deaths.  That is amazing. As I watched the coverage on the news it reminds me what an uncertain world we live in. Please be praying for the injured and those that lost property.

One thing is certain we had a great time Sunday at BBT.  I want to thank Linda and Pam for the recap on the series “Not a Fan”. I hope we can have more testimony of how we have become a better follower of Christ. This week is Easter.  What a celebration we will have on Sunday.  Pris will bring the Sunday school lesson and I am going to bring a message about what Mary Magdalene and two of the disciples did when they found the stone rolled away from the tomb.  The scripture verse this week will be found in the Gospel of John the 20Th chapter vs 1-18.  I want us to see how they reacted when they found the tomb empty.  Were they excited? Or were they disturbed?  Did they run and tell the others or did they just go about their business?  I want us to see what it meant to these few people and how they handled the news Jesus was no longer in the tomb.  We know what it means for us today. It is the reason we are celebrating on Sunday.  Were they celebrating?  Had not Jesus told them this is exactly what was going to happen? I hope you will join us in Church on this Easter Sunday and I hope you will invite someone to come along with you.  After the service we will have Easter dinner in the fellowship hall and we have Easter baskets for every family.  What a great time for fellowship and worship at BBT.

Have you heard from God lately?  I hope you are putting into practice the art of listing to God and obeying his instructions.  Keep reading the Word, keep praying for those that are hurting and help those you can.  God can make you a blessing to someone if you will let him and in return maybe someone will be a blessing to you.  You will be blessed if you are a blessing.  Do good things in the name of the Lord and we can’t wait to see you to celebrate the resurrection on Sunday!!  Know you are loved.

Pastor David & Pris


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