Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of April 9

Rejoice with us and pray with us.
Pam thanks the Lord for His blessings.  We are glad to have Teresa back with us.  Pam is walking more.  Ruth is thankful that her minor surgery went well. Vicki got a new apartment. Brenda got to see her grandchildren.  Pastor David is thankful for an enjoyable outing and time with family.  Kim is thankful for the church.
Pray for Toni, a lady who came into the church who has lost a child and doesn’t have money for funeral expenses.  Pray for Kim as she continues to deal with help issues.  Pray for Edward also with a. Toothache.  Kelly prays for Shelly.  She has been moved to a new facility.  Her health is declining.  Pam asks prayer for Michelle who is looking for a place to live.  Anita is having trouble with her legs so that she is not able to walk.  She will have rehab this week.  Keep praying for Didi to find a place.  Vicki asks prayer for her aid whose wife is in the hospital .  He does not have transportation.  Vicki is also struggling with her health.  Keep praying for Jerry and his family after the loss of his father.  .Pam still needs her shoes repared.  John prays to reconnect with his brother.
Be blessed to be a blessing this week.

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