Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of August 10

Clarke thanks The Lord for Tim and Cindy and thanks them for helping him out. Shelly is thankful to have her husband home with her. Jana is thankful for the church and glad to be here. April is thankful for a new bag and to reconnect with Debra. Dede is praising The Lord that she was able to pay her bills. Cathy is thankful that they have a buyer for a home they need to sell. Mr. Breedlove is glad to be here and see so many people. Doug’s last test results were good enough that he will be able to have the surgery he needs.

Pastor David says that Jerry is at Baylor in ICU unable to breathe on his own. He is showing improvement. Ruth says that Lupe is sick and asks that we pray for safety for her family who has traveled to Mexico. Ruth also asks prayer for a family who lost a son. Shelly asks prayer for their financial situation to be resolved soon and for Clarke to be able to get the medical help he needs. Jana asks prayer for her sister Terry who has cancer. April asks prayer for her mom who went into the hospital last week with no clear cause for her symptoms. Anita and Kim both have doctor appointments this week. Pray for good reports. Lisa fell today and seems to have seriously injured her knee.

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